No sooner have shops packed away the Christmas cards than we are besieged by rows of red heart shaped cards, pink champagne and heart shaped chocolates – all demanding our attention, waiting to be sent, perhaps anonymously, to a partner, a longed-for lover or a secret admirer. It can only mean one thing- Valentine’s Day is nearly here.

What is it about this day that can either send us into frenzied excitement and anticipation or make us dread the day because no one cares or when feelings of love just feel cheesy and unromantic. Why is one day of the year when the question of love and how it is given and received marked as one of the most important days in the calendar?

At Coupleworks we often hear clients wish for more romance in their partnerships. A wish to remember how it used to be when they first met.

So here are a few tips to help you have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day:

*If you really want to show someone you care, take time to think about them and understand how they would like to feel loved and cared about

*share doing something together that you normally don’t do. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune

*take care in how you dress for the occasion, spend a little more thought in how to please each other

*avoid the stereotypical night away when everybody round you is there for the same reason. There will be high expectation that you need to have great sex because it’s valentines and that may be too much pressure for some

*use the opportunity to share how you feel about each other and what you love about each other

A final thought from Coupleworks – Instead of using Valentine’s day once a year to show how much you love your partner why not make learning to love your partner a commitment for always.

Dawn Kaffel