Coupleworks was founded in 2004 by our group of highly experienced therapists who all originally trained as psychodynamic couple counsellors with London Marriage Guidance and Relate. The organisation has continued to thrive and flourish.

As well as offering a successful counselling service, Coupleworks has also offered training workshops. We have arranged a popular series of therapy-related seminars with speakers such as Ruby Wax, Susie Orbach, Libby Purves, Dorothy Rowe, Thaddeus Birchard, Prof Tim Spector, Prof Joy Shaverien, Brett Kahr, Suzie Hayman, Ted Martin, Prof Scott Wooley.


Based in London, with its richly diverse population and cultures, the team offers an excellent professional service which is accepting and impartial.

Our therapists are empathetic and work sensitively with clients on a wide range of issues. They offer an opportunity to explore and understand relationships, and help create possibilities for change. In a safe and confidential setting the counselling may involve reflecting on family background and life experiences that have had an impact on relationship expectations. Couple dynamics, patterns of behaviour, and individual and joint reactions to life events and situations, can be examined.

Our approach is collaborative, and carefully takes into account the particular needs, issues, and challenges described by the client.


Coupleworks offers face-to-face sessions in our different offices sited across London, as well as telephone and online counselling with clients world-wide and in the UK.


Coupleworks aims to value diversity, to be free from discrimination, and to actively work to promote equality.

We do not discriminate on grounds of disability, gender, race, age, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status.

We reserve the right to make an assessment as to whether our services are appropriate to meeting the needs of prospective clients.