Couples, when first in a romantic bubble, have no trouble protecting themselves. It’s instinctive. But as time goes on and life gets busier with work and children – that’s when priorities can change.    Every relationship needs some effort to stay healthy and close.

Communication is key. We all need to feel special at times and our partner is also our audience. Let your significant other into your thoughts and fears. There’s no need to fix a problem, most of the time we need to just feel heard and understood. Listen without judgement.

Prioritise your partner and set aside times to really talk. Switch off those phones and turn off the screens. This way you will not be distracted and you can make real eye contact.  Eat, chat and find reasons to really engage again.

Playfulness should not be forgotten. Remember those first heady months? Keep fun alive. Join a salsa class, learn to bake bread together, or take a train to a mystery destination. From time to time just do something new as a couple.

Touching is a basic need. Hugging and kissing releases oxytocin and it just feels good. Remember to give that goodbye kiss in the morning and a hug when you get home. It shows care and affection.

Appreciation is easily forgotten. A thanks for the small gestures, the cup of tea, the lift to the station or just noticing when your partner wears something new. Always acknowledge the chores that easily get taken for granted.


TIME – make this for each other

WORDS – of kindness and appreciation

ACTIONS – make a meal, put out the bins

GIFTS – a tiny gesture. A flower or a favourite sweet treat

TOUCH – an unexpected hug or kiss

Christina Fraser