Working with Skype.
Since the advent of Skype, it has become hard to imagine what happened to people seeking therapy in a new and unfamiliar area. The geographical, cultural and boundary issues which arose brought up feelings of insecurity, abandonment and loss.

Leaving your own country, friends, community, customs and family is hard for many reasons and someone in the middle of therapy can feel very alone. For couples where only one person has been relocated, the other has had to face a difficult life choice. Loss of their job and the loneliness of being the one left without a purpose in an unfamiliar environment. It is important they feel secure and that confidentiality is maintained.

In a smaller community these needs become harder to find. The possibility of meeting your therapist in a big city like London is small, however where groups of different communities form for their social life, this becomes almost impossible.

When Skype made an appearance some of these issues became easier to surmount. It is also possible to do telephone and online work in these circumstances but with more use of Skype it is becoming the best way of replicating the counselling room.

Clare Ireland