Digital Policy

Ethics and Boundaries:

Digital communication of any kind is open to misuse and boundaries can be broken if not thought through.

Our policy, when possible, is to keep personal and private clinical work in the consultation room. The nature, however, of the digital world can sometimes blur interpersonal boundaries and therefore our Digital Policy tries to offer the best clarity available.


If your preferred communication with us is by email, be aware that all emails are retained in the logs of Internet Service Providers. Also, an email can be vulnerable to viruses and unintended forwarding or replication. The safest use of email is to set up or alter an appointment or any other benign subject needing to be discussed.


Text messages are useful to alert either the client or the therapist of an unexpected difficulty making either party late for the session or to cancel the session at short notice due to ill health or another urgent reason.

Telephone and Skype:

We also offer Skype and telephone sessions. Please be aware that applications such as Skype are not always confidential channels of communication, therefore, could be compromised.

Twitter and Linkedin:

Coupleworks therapists use Twitter as a way of promoting ideas in line with our work through the media. We neither follow any current or past client on Twitter nor engage in a retweet with them. We sometimes follow relevant Linkedin connections, never with current or past clients. If Linkedin, unasked by us, request a client to be a connection, it is not our doing.


We have a Coupleworks account on Facebook in order to connect with the therapeutic world. Some of us may have a private Facebook account. We are aware that there can be an overlap across social networks.


We try to avoid learning any information about our clients that does not come directly from them, therefore we avoid Googling our clients for this reason.

If you Google any one of us before the session and have a query, we should be pleased to discuss this at the assessment session or any time afterwards. There is a short profile on each of us on our website:-


Technology is changing at a fast rate. Because of this, Coupleworks keeps this policy as up to date as we can, editing it as and when necessary.

We are grateful to Dr Aaron Balick at who provided the initial model for this policy.