Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

As a group of therapists who started Coupleworks in 2004, we have successfully organised a range of therapy-related seminars.

Workshops & SeminarsOur previous speakers have included:

  • Brett Kahr (Psychological Necrophilia-Enlivening couples who are wedded to deadliness)
  • Nick Carroll (Mindfulness Practice and the Therapeutic Encounter)
  • Thaddeus Birchard (The Impact of Sexual Addiction on the Couple Relationship)
  • Suzie Hayman (Getting in Step: Helping Couples Manage Step-Parenting Issues)
  • Susie Orbach (The Impossibility of Sex)
  • Prof. Joy Schaverien (The Boarding School Experience and the Impact on Relationships)
  • Ruby Wax (Metamorphosis – a Journey from Comedian to Therapist)
  • Prof Tim Spector (Can Good Sex be Taught- the Orgasm Gene and the Genetics of Sexuality)
  • Thaddeus Birchard (Twin Levers that Move the World – exploring Sexuality and Religious Practice)
  • Mark Brayne (How Trauma Affects Us)
  • Ted Martin (Exploring the Psychodynamics of Shame in clinical Work)
  • Dorothy Rowe (Depression and its connection with sibling relationships)
  • Libby Purves (Change, trauma and stoicism and finding the right time for therapy)
  • Prof Scott Woolley (Emotionally Focussed Therapy for Couples)

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