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Mindfulness and sexuality

The brain is one of the key factors that contributes to a good sexual experience.  It can either help us or hinder us.  We can often have distracting thoughts  – a shopping list or work, or thoughts about our bodies or the need to perform.  To have better sex we need to allow ourselves to be actually there when we have it, letting go of what is going on in our heads.

Mindfulness is about self regulating your attention to become aware of your immediate experience and allowing that experience to be what it is, with acceptance and without judgment.

The benefits of practising mindfulness can include:

  •  Increased awareness of physical sensations
  •  Managing and reducing anxiety
  •  Change towards positive body perceptions
  •  Deepening of life experiences
  •  More connection and intimacy in partner relationships

The practice of mindfulness can be used to enhance sex, and is often used as a specific tool in treating various sexual difficulties.