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Mothers’ Day.

For the card designers and printers, the flower sellers and restaurants, this is another bonanza day for selling.

From a mother’s point of view, who should she be, both to herself and to her children.  She has already been the child of a mother and therefore has expectations and hopes from both positions.

Nature seems to implant in mothers an ability to make sacrifices willingly, to be tolerant, to offer unconditional love without feeling it is a right to get it back and to find whatever does come back is a bonus.

There has to be an honesty from a mother to her child in order to be brave enough to tell it as it is even when the telling is painful to hear.

She has to veer seamlessly in the early years between melt downs and temper tantrums and kisses, cuddles and I love you pictures festooned down upon her from nursery school.  She has to take the ‘she knows it all’ and ‘she gets it’ of the younger child to ‘she knows nothing’ and ‘she never gets it’ of the teenage years, without taking it personally.

She has to try and accept that her child is a totally separate entity from herself and will not do things in life which she wanted to do but hadn’t achieved.

She has to bear her child being unhappy at times without going into over protection mode thereby robbing her child of the learning process of resolving their own battles and conflicts.

The concept of having, loving and letting go has never been bettered and if any mother is able to fulfil some of the above she really deserves a card, flowers and treat because the person giving those to her will be hoping for acknowledgement from their child somewhere down the line of life.

Clare Ireland.