About Coupleworks

About Coupleworks

We are a network of professional counsellors and we work with clients in a safe and confidential setting to help them to relate and better understand ways of resolving their difficulties and conflicts.

Coupleworks is a specialised London-based relationship counselling network.

We are experienced in working with couples and individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and from different sexual orientations, helping them to make sense of their current difficulties.

Our approach is collaborative,  working in a way that suits the needs of all clients. In our sessions, we may explore early patterns of behaviour and situations from childhood that could affect adult relationships. Better understanding can help clients to relate and shift established patterns of thinking and behaviours.

Whatever the challenges, the process is handled with care and at a pace that suits each individual case. We work with clients face-to-face at our offices across London as well as via telephone and Skype with clients worldwide.


We have all been Licensed Relate counsellors and we are registered and accredited with BACP, COSRT or UKCP.

  • Coupleworks aims to value diversity, to be free from discrimination, and to work actively to promote equality.
    Our counsellors aim to respect the dignity of all clients and to be fair, sensitive and supportive.
  • eQualityWe do not discriminate on grounds of disability, HIV status, gender, race, age, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or marital/civil partnership status.
  • We reserve the right to make an assessment as to whether our services are appropriate to meeting the needs of prospective clients.

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Coupleworks is a specialised London-based relationship counselling network.

Working with Skype

We at Coupleworks have found Skype to be a very useful addition to the different ways we work.

Relocation outside London but in the UK or abroad can be exciting but at the same time rather disrupting and unsettling. For someone already in therapy wanting to continue with the same therapist, Skype is the best way of replicating the counselling room.

Similarly, if someone would like to start a period of therapy in their new location, it can be hard to find an accredited therapist or counsellor speaking their mother tongue. Choosing a therapist not known in the social group means therapeutic boundaries can be maintained.

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