The Coupleworks Counselling Kit

Recently I was invited by a company called Employees Matter to attend a Mental Health Awareness Breakfast. This brought together HR directors from diverse companies to make a commitment to putting mental health in the workplace on their agendas.

One of the speakers spoke movingly about her struggle with depression in the work -place and how her anti-depression kit helped lift her spirits and bring a smile back.

It started me thinking about how a COUPLEWORKS KIT sitting on the table in our therapy rooms can really help lift the spirits of someone close to you. We can use it in couples therapy to reach out to our partners in a loving and meaningful way.

Here are 7 suggestions I would put into my COUPLEWORKS KIT:

A pair of glasses to help see more clearly the patterns of behaviours we get ourselves into

A tape measure to make us realise how distant we have become

An alarm clock to help us slow down in order to help us think before we react

A stapler to keep things together when it feels everything is falling apart

A torch to shine a path forward when everything can seem dark and gloomy

A favourite piece of dance music to remind us if we keep playing the same music it’s hard to change the dance steps. In our relationships we can’t just focus on specific steps, especially the other persons, – we have to step back, slow the music down, and see the whole picture in order to create new steps that create safety and connections

A hug and a kiss to remind us that we all need to feel cared about

A bottle of bubbly to celebrate when we feel more connected and secure in our loving relationships

Why not take some time out to think about what you would like to put into your own COUPLEWORKS KIT!!

Dawn Kaffel

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