Benefits for Couples who Exercise Together

More and more people are making time to exercise on a regular basis and spend hours committing themselves to going to yoga, spinning, Pilates, the gym or a run in the park.

It makes us fitter, healthier and look better. We do it for ourselves and for our partners. Yet, I wonder why couples don’t see that working out together can provide their relationship with a wealth of opportunities to get to know each other better.

Couples who make a conscious decision to work out together are investing in their health and wellbeing but also in one another. Some of the positive effects include spending more time together, spurring each other on to reach fitness goals, helping and supporting each other with challenges like injury or motivation, noticing the improvements in physique and ability, feeling proud of each other and enjoying the endorphin rush exercise brings.

How to start:
1. Decide what you want to do together to get fit. Keep in mind the different abilities you both start with but don’t be put off if one of you is stronger or more flexible. Work with the differences and notice what feelings come up for you both and then talk about it.
2. Find realistic times you are both able to commit to exercising together. Again, keep in mind each other’s time constraints, decide and then stick to it.
3. Set goals together. Treat each other when you reach a goal. Book a double message, a special evening out or cook something together.
4. Encourage one another. When beginning new fitness programmes sometimes feelings of not being good enough can creep up, this is when we need support. If there is a tendency to give up, this is the opportunity to push the other to keep going.

Added Benefits:
1. Newfound Attractiveness: When we feel better about our bodies and about our partner’s we feel more attractive and more attracted to our partners.
Exercise also allows us to tune into our bodies and our bodies sensations.
2. Exercise tends to have a knock on effect: We feel better, have more energy and are generally happier. This has to benefit our relationship!
3. Embarking on something new together gives us the opportunity to learn about our partners in ways we don’t often see. The experience adds to our relationship by learning how each person copes with challenges and obstacles and allows us to know each other more deeply.
4. Committing to spend time with one another lets you both know that the relationship means something and that making the effort is a concrete way of letting each other know this.

So get those trainers on and start improving your fitness levels and your relationship. It’s a win win proposition.

Shirlee Kay

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