Lies, economical with the truth, (white lies), and lies.

Couples hope for truth from each other but is this always the best solution whenever questions are asked?  Some will wonder how anyone can trust anyone else unless there is total honesty within an adult partnership.

Truth and lying are rooted in family history, example, teaching and culture.  Therefore in a couple there are different influences and standards being acted out which are often unknown to each person.

Perhaps couples need to be honest with each other about when they consider, ‘economical with the truth’ to be acceptable.

Doctors and other public service personnel have to search their inner selves to find a guideline.  Does a Doctor give the terminal patient some hope when there is no hope there?

Does a political leader carrying information about an attack on a city the next day, announce this, knowing that mass panic will follow?

When does a parent tell their child the truth about something, which will feel unbearable to a young mind?

Does the guilty partner when confronted about a long over affair, confess and cause further damage to a couple getting back on track?

Everyone will have different views on these difficult questions.

Is there a straight answer or does each individual within a couple have to share their feelings about where their boundaries lie and try to keep to the negotiated ground rules they have agreed on when faced with a Yes or No answer?

Clare Ireland

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