The challenges of finding a Healthy Work/Life Balance

THREE:  Keeping a healthy Work/Life Balance…

  • It is crucial that the relationship itself is prioritised, considered, nourished and cared for.
  • There is a need for both partners to find the generosity and good-will within themselves to continue to reach out to the partner with arms open wide.
  • It is important that each identifies the ways they can enrich the partnership and not to wait for the change to come from the other.
  • If loving gestures are offered in a way that is meaningful, and recognised as such by the partner, then there will be a tangible easing of tension.
  • Often the biggest first step towards change comes from offering attentive, non-defensive, passionate listening.
  • The empathetic warmth created when feeling really ‘heard’ allows us to relax and stretch in the relationship.

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