Pre-marital Counselling

Pre-marital Counselling

More and more couples are finding it helpful to have counselling before their big day. Taking time to invest in a relationship’s future enables a couple to move into marriage with their eyes wide open. It allows them to ask the hard questions before tying the knot. Exploring issues both in the present and anticipating those that might pop up in the future, gives couples a better understanding in communicating clearly with each other as they begin their lives together.

Some questions couple might be asking themselves before entering into marriage are:
1. What is communication like right now?
2. When conflict arises how do we address issues together?
3. What are our expectations for the future?
4. How will finances be managed together?
5. Are sexual expectations compatible?
6. Have children and parenting ever been discussed?
7. What are the roles in the marriage going to be?
8. Are your lifestyles compatible? How do you visualise your lives in the future?

If these questions are difficult to talk about, perhaps taking time to have a few sessions with a couples therapist can help address these concerns and provide the best possible start for a successful marriage. By Shirlee Kay


  1. Hello,

    Me and my fiance have been experiencing a lot of conflicts recently and we decided to seek assistance from a specialist.

    She is Japanes. I am Polish. She comes from a broken home. My familly is living happily together. She is the only child. I have 2 brothers. There are a lot of differences between us in terms of culture and nurture.

    Shee is in Tokyo right now and she will be coming to London in early April, so any sessions could start then at the earliest.

    How much does your service cost and how many sessions would you recommend?


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